augmented reality superimposes a computer image over reality

XR "As Soon As Possible" UNIVERSAL APP

XR eXtended Reality ASAP

Create the WOW factor; surprise, educate, inform and engage your customers/prospects. AVERtek changes the way you communicate to your market share!  

Get creative, have fun, dare to be different, invoke thought, inspire emotion, capture the minds and hearts of your customers and prospects; leave them with an indelible impression of your Brand, that separates you from the competition... "one mind, one niche"

AVERtek has developed a unique Easy, Quick & Low Cost program designed to provide your Brand with the ability to apply Extended Reality (XR) to your Brand's product, label, billboard, sign, poster, stickers, business card, logo, point of purchase and all marketing materials, printed or electronic. AVERtek can even print your own custom stickers to launch your personal XR experience! All at a very low cost, by using AVERtek's universal XR App, found on Google Play for Android and iOS for Apple smart devices. 

Your customers/prospects will simply download AVERtek's universal XR App and when they open the common universal App and point their smart device on your Brands target marker they will experience the engagement, education and enlightenment of your Brand's personal message. Imagine the connection beyond just reading text when your Brand explodes and comes to life by activating both audio and visual senses. Exposing hidden opportunities, instructions, demonstrations, testimonials, training, deeper understanding, affiliations and new experiences associated with your Brand's identity.

XR-ASAP is the next level in target marketing directly to your Brand's consumer. By extending your current marketing and advertising into content guided information for those "interested" prospects and motivating them to take that next step towards a purchase.

EXAMPLES XR-ASAP USE CONTENT: Testimonials: Starbucks; Events: Nike; Great Moments: Dodgers; Product Demos: Keller Williams; Brand Enhancement/Entertainment: Jack in the Box

The elegance is in our simplicity; just sign-up and follow steps 1, 2, 3...

  1. EASY- complete application form; send your existing high resolution artwork for your selected target marker (logo, label, flyer etc.). Include existing video, animation or image with audio file for your selected User eXperience (UX).  
  2. QUICK- AVERtek's in-house programmers will build your Brands XR experience in a matter of days, not weeks.
  3. LOW COST - no hourly developer rates, low flat fixed rate for the first six months with optional reduced renewal hosting/maintenance the second half of the year. (low cost UX video swap/change-out fee after initial project is built, allows you to change messages on a frequent basis or set-up a subscription service program)

Also available are additional dynamic augmented reality User eXperiences or custom built Apps, please contact us for a free quote on your project. 

Getting Started

To begin AVERtek's XR-ASAP program, submit a completed application form (below) and send us your artwork and video/animation file

AVERtek will review for quality and compliance for general public viewing. Once approved you will receive an invoice with payment options (usually with-in 72 hours) along with an estimated delivery date from receipt of payment.

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