Build User Interface (UI)

AVERtek will create markers to initiate the connections from images, objects or environments to your personal Brand's App that AVERtek will build to support your Consumers User eXperiences (UX). AVERtek completely manage's the mixed reality process from beginning to end.


App Development

AVERtek will build an AR App with your Brand's identity or incorporate our technology into your current App. AVERtek's proprietary curated data management engine allows your consumer to connect beyond the product and into your Brand's ethos. AVERtek's App tool allows the ability to communicate with your Consumer and provide them Brand enhancements that enrichen the relationship. A technology that creates 

Brand fans & super users.

48% of customers expect brands to know them and help them discover new products or services that fit

Complete User eXperiences (UX)

AVERtek will leverage your current assets or create new ones based on your team's creative directions. AVERtek works with your current marketing, creative and product development teams to construct the complete Consumer experience your Brand wants to deliver. The AR Consumer experience and engagement can be simple or complex, it can be low cost or extravagant. We will walk your team through the complete App designing process using our Client Brief and diagnostic tools, allowing your Company to customize the ideal Augmented Reality solution, before you make any commitments.


Entertain, Educate, Enlighten & Engage

AVERtek's Augmented Reality App design formula for your Brand's products will provide a direct connection with your consumer. Entertain, Educate, Enlighten and Engage your consumers to provide instant information about the advantages and benefits of your products, services and Company, to make an informed decision on their purchase. This newly developed relationship will be enriched through the continued communication between the Consumer and Brand's implementation of AVERtek's "team-up" tool that puts the Consumer and the Brand on the same team. AVERtek's curated dashboard analytics makes it easy for the Brand to know how and when to engage with the Consumer, thus empowering Brand fans and super users to be developed. 

52% of customers expect brands to know when the right moments are to communicate. (Cube)
52% of customers expect brands to know when the right moments are to communicate. (Cube)